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"Most Livable City in America" (large-city category) by the U.S. Conference of Mayors

One of the “Best Foodie Getaways Around the World” by Zagat Restaurant Digest

Jack Olive International Compassionate City Award by the Compassionate Action Network International Institution in Seattle

One of the "Top 10 Cities for Affordable Vacations" by

Louisville Ford plants expansion named "Top Economic Deal of the Year" by Business Facilities magazine

Louisville ranked 11th on list of America’s Manliest Cities by Mars Chocolate North American and Sperling’s Best Places to Live

Louisville ranked in Top 10 “Best Destinations for Baby Boomers to Retire” by The Washington Economics Group

Louisville ranked in the Top 25 “Big Cities of Art” by American Style Magazine

Forbes names Louisville Top 10 “Cities for Summer Jobs”

GQ named Louisville the “Manliest Town in America”

US News ranks Louisville as a Top 12 “US Weekend Getaway City”

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    Business Advising
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  • Hello: From New GLI President & CEO, Kent Oyler

    5/28/2014 02:25:25 PM0 Comments

    I am thrilled, and I truly mean thrilled, to have been selected to lead your organization. I have been engaged as a GLI member and volunteer for at least 20 years, including 8 years of board service, countless committee meetings, and twice chairing the EnterpriseCorp. This is an organization that I deeply respect and care about. When GLI Board Chair, Kerry Stemler recruited me to interview for the CEO position I didn’t hesitate. When the Executive Committee offered me the job I agreed to step away from my own entrepreneurial businesses and work with you to advance all the businesses in the region.

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Lisa Bajorinas
Director, Kentucky Innovation Network at Greater Louisville Inc.
Nicole Eovino
Asst. Director, Kentucky Innovation Network at Greater Louisville Inc.
David Oetken
Business Advising, Small Business Development Center