Lisa Bajorinas
Executive Director of EnterpriseCorp
Amelia Gandara
Director, Commercialization & Engagement
Brittain Skinner
Asst. Director, Kentucky Innovation Network
Brynn Dalby Wenz
Administrative Assistant

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    Are you building a startup? Test product-market fit. Build your team. Find the work space you need. Get access to capital.
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    Vogt Awards 2015 Inscope
    Want to get involved? Get educated on the lean startup methodology. Network with fellow entrepreneurs through one of our many events.
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    What does the startup eco-system need? We lead research on resources needed to elevate the eco-system including corporate engagement and mentorship. Recruit and grow the number of angel investors, VCs and PE companies interested in our region.
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  • News Five Raw Ingredients for a Healthy Startup Ecosystem Each city has its own dynamic mix of private and public thought leaders, investors, mentors, support organizations and entrepreneurs. We found five “raw ingredients” that, when combined, can have a transformational impact on an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Full story: Read More