15-County Greater Louisville Region Ethnic Composition
Ethnic Origin   2000
2017 (est.)
White 83.60%  79.47%
Black/African American 13.88% 13.94%
Asian      1.15% 1.91%
American Indian & Alaska Native          0.21% 0.26%
Hispanic or Latino 1.01% 4.66%

                                            Source: The Nielsen Company, February 2017

Deana Epperly Karem
Vice President of Regional Growth
Emily Brandon
Program Manager for Global Talent and Workforce Inclusion
Sierra Enlow
Economic Development Manager
Vicky Fisher
Data Manager
Curt Martin
Director, Information Services
Stacey Servo
Talent Attraction & Development Manager
Melissa Smith
Director of Information & Data Analytics
Brynn Dalby Wenz
Administrative Assistant