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What is Intern To Earn?

 A new regional internship program supported by HIRE (Higher Income Requires Education) and GLI (Greater Louisville Inc. – the Metro Chamber of Commerce).

More than just another internship posting sight, www.InterntoEarn.com is a comprehensive program providing employers with turn-key tool kits to develop quality internships and ongoing assistance if needed. It also takes interns a step further. Not only can they search for interning opportunities, the program will help them meet other interns, find cool things to do off-the-clock, and build their professional network by introducing them to community leaders and young professionals.

In short, the goal is to create an intern-friendly culture - for students, businesses and the region.

Our Vison/Dream/Big Kahuna

To infuse the region with inspired, intelligent, innovative, imaginative, idea-driven interns prepared for 21st Century jobs while creating an intern-friendly culture.

We urge you to become a part of this exciting new program and of what will soon be the "best KNOWN secret"!

What is HIRE?

The HIRE (Higher Education Requires Income) Forum is an alliance of colleges and universities in the Greater Louisville region with 31 institutional members that represent approximately 86 percent of the region’s post-secondary community. HIRE is guided by an Executive Council, whose institutions represent 85% of the region’s college student population. It also partners with many other regional employer representatives focused on higher education.

The vision of HIRE is to unite the Greater Louisville post-secondary community so that it can collaboratively and effectively respond to economic development challenges by bridging the gap between academia and business, and increase our region’s post-secondary graduation rate.

 What is GLI?

Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI) is the Metro Chamber of Commerce and leading economic development agency for the Greater Louisville, Kentucky metro region. Through advocacy efforts, networking opportunities and cost saving initiatives, GLI provides a wide range of programs and services that support our member businesses, encourage entrepreneurial enterprises and contribute to business and community growth and prosperity.

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