Lisa Bajorinas
Executive Director of EnterpriseCorp
Amelia Gandara
Director, Commercialization & Engagement
Brittain Skinner
Asst. Director, Kentucky Innovation Network
Brynn Dalby Wenz
Administrative Assistant

Enterprise Angels

The Enterprise Angels are a formal group of 40+ angel investors who seek to encourage the development of start-up companies and to support new businesses in the Louisville area by providing entrepreneurs with seed capital and management guidance from industry and entrepreneurial veterans.  We are comprised of current executives with a diverse background across many industries (technology, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, food & beverage, etc.) and investing experience from novice to serial.

The Enterprise Angels meet monthly to formally consider 2 deals selected from among the more than 15 that are screened each month through our Deal Selection Process.  Entrepreneurs can expect a thorough examination and, occasionally, an investment from some of Louisville’s most accomplished entrepreneurs.

Our objectives are to:

  • provide pre-venture capital equity to start-up and/or expanding companies
  • provide members with an attractive financial return
  • create jobs and economic growth from the companies funded offer mentoring and management expertise to companies that are coachable

Ultimately we hope to promote and enhance entrepreneurship in the Louisville business community, by working with entrepreneurs, service providers, government, and other investment organizations in an effort to create economic growth and jobs in the Louisville area.

Interested Angels Investors

Individuals interested in angel investing must be SEC accredited investors.  To review the Enterprise Angels Operating Guidelines, click hereTo apply for membership in the Enterprise Angels, click here.

Entrepreneurs in Need of Angel Funding

Angel investing has long been an important source of financial support and mentoring for new and growing businesses, bridging a gap between individual and institutional venture capital rounds of financing or being the only source of external financing.

Entrepreneurs interested in completing an Entrepreneur Application for consideration to the Enterprise Angels, click here to review the tools and templates for your presentation.

Entrepreneur Tools and Templates:
Sample Deal
Investor Presentation Template 
Kawasaki's 10-20-30 Rule of PowerPoint 
Company Valuation