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Greater Louisville Inc. has embarked on a comprehensive economic and community development plan for the organization and the region.  Advantage Louisville is the most in-depth planning undertaken since the 1997 Boyle Report, and will ensure the community is focused on the right priorities and competitive strategies for the future.  The plan, which complements Mayor's Fischer's 25-year Visioning effort, will focus on immediate opportunities for job creation and economic growth.  Click here to view the full Advantage Louisville overview. 

The Advantage Louisville - GLI's Strategies for Regional Economic Growth Process
Competitive Assessment - Complete
Target Sector Analysis - Complete
Advantage Louisville Strategy Plan - Q2 2014
Advantage Louisville Implementation Plan - Q2 2014

>> Phase 1:  Competitive Assessment Report Now Available
The Competitive Assessment pulls together new research and analysis, broad stakeholder input, and existing reports and plans to tell the Greater Louisville "story."  This report highlights the key opportunities and challenges facing the region that must be addressed in the Advantage Louisville Strategy.

>> Phase 2: Target Sector Analysis Now Available
The Target Sector Analysis draws on the Phase 1 research and input to provide a look at the Greater Louisville region’s economy.  The end results is a well-refined list of business sectors that highlighted the most important existing and the most promising emerging targets for the Greater Louisville region to pursue.
>> Phase 3: Advantage Louisville Strategy
The Advantage Louisville Regional Community and Economic Development Strategy serves as the blueprint for achieving GLI’s stated goals of leading existing and emerging business retention and growth, increasing human capital, and inspiring business leadership engagement on issues that impact the competitiveness of the 12-county, two state region.  It will also be a holistic strategy, in that it will focus on areas and issues that require a team approach across the region.  Ultimately, the Strategy will lead to meaningful results because its goals, objectives, and actions will be specifically focused on where GLI and its partners can have an impact.

Advantage Louisville Leadership

A Steering Committee has been established to guide the Advantage Louisville planning process from start to finish.  Steve Williams, CEO of Norton Healthcare, and Chuck Denny, Regional President, Kentucky/Tennessee, PNC have agreed to lead this effort.  The Steering Committee is made up of members from the public, private, and non-profit sectors in Greater Louisville.


Visit this site throughout the upcoming months to follow the progress of Advantage Louisville.

For more information on Advantage Louisville contact:

Susan Overton
VP, Marketing & Communications,
Greater Louisville Inc.

(502) 625-0026

Christa Tinsley Spaht
Project Manager,
Market Street Services

(404) 588-2438


Please share your comments and opinions on the Greater Louisville region's assets and challenges.  Your feedback is very important in our efforts to gather input and build consensus for a strategic economic development plan for the Greater Louisville Region.

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