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The most competitive communities are those with a steadfast commitment to improving their work force, quality of life and business climate through aggressive, proactive programming. Greater Louisville Inc. and regional business leaders know that driving Greater Louisville’s economy is the number one priority. And to that end, in the fall of 2013 Greater Louisville Inc. partnered with regional leaders and Market Street Services to develop comprehensive regional economic growth strategy—Advantage Louisville. The plan, which complements Mayor's Fischer's 25-year Visioning effort, focuses on immediate opportunities for job creation and economic growth. Click here to view the full Advantage Louisville strategy.

With the input of a diverse steering committee made up of regional business and civic leaders, the Advantage Louisville process took an in-depth look at the two-state metro’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. The resulting plan provides a blueprint to connect our resources, unify business leaders and motivate constituents across the region. On September 18th,  GLI shared the findings and recommendations.  

>> Please enjoy this short video to walk you through the story of the Advantage Louisville plan.

Our aspirations are bold and our plan to achieve them is aggressive. There will be much work to be done in terms of implementing this plan and its aggressive goals for success, and everyone in the business community will be called upon to become part of the winning team. There are big ideas that will require long-term partnerships and serious resources, but also day-to-day, behind-the-scenes blocking and tackling that comprises much of the work of regional economic development. The balance of these two tactics by a range of partners will be the strategic approach that pushes Greater Louisville to be the winner it wants to be and compete in the global economy 

Advantage Louisville Leadership
A Steering Committee has been established to guide the Advantage Louisville planning process from start to finish.  Steve Williams, CEO of Norton Healthcare, and Chuck Denny, Regional President, Kentucky/Tennessee, PNC have agreed to lead this effort.  The Steering Committee is made up of members from the public, private, and non-profit sectors in Greater Louisville. 


Please share your comments and opinions on the Greater Louisville region's assets and challenges.  Your feedback is very important in our efforts to gather input and build consensus for a strategic economic development plan for the Greater Louisville Region.

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